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Rameshwaram Tourism

Rameshwaram is a town on Pamban Island, in the southeast Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It’s known for Ramanathaswamy Temple which is one of the char dham, a Hindu pilgrimage site with ornate corridors, huge sculpted pillars and sacred water tanks. Devotees bathe in the waters of Agni Theertham, off the beach east of the temple. Gandamadana Parvatham is a hill with island views. A chakra (wheel) here is said to bear an imprint of Lord Rama’s feet.


Rameshwaram, an unspoiled and a quiet town, is connected to the rest of the country via the famous Pamban Bridge. Rameshwaram is regarded as one of the holy places of the Hindus and a must visit during the Char Dham Yatra or the holy pilgrimage. Legend has it that Rameshwaram was the place from where Lord Rama, who is considered the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu, had built the bridge to Sri Lanka in order to rescue his captured wife Sita from Ravana, the king of Lanka. In fact, the word Rameshwara means “place where Eswara was worshiped by Rama” and presumably this is from where the place gets its name. The famous Ramanathaswamy Temple is located in the centre of the town and is dedicated to Rama. The temple is visited every year by lakhs of Hindus to offer prayers and seek blessings from the god. It is also believed that Rameshwaram was the place that Lord Rama decided to atone for his sins. He was keen to seek penance after having killed the Brahmin king, Ravana. Rama wanted to build the largest Shiva Lingam and asked Hanuman to fetch the linga from the Himalayas. This took time and Sita constructed a Shiva Lingam there in the meantime. This lingam is regarded to be the one that is still present in the shrine of the Ramanathaswamy Temple. The island was a stop gap point for those travelling to Sri Lanka erstwhile Ceylon. In fact, the Jaffna Kingdom claimed control of the town and the royal dynasty of Jaffna called themselves Sethukavalan or the custodians of Rameshwaram.

Sightseeing Points In Rameshwaram

Elite Itinerary Rameshwaram Ramanathaswamy Temple

Ramanathaswamy Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Shiva located on Rameswaram island. It is also one of the twelve Jyotirlinga temples. It is one of the 274 Paadal Petra Sthalams. The temple was expanded during the 12th century by Pandya Dynasty, and its principal shrines sanctum were renovated by Jayaveera Cinkaiariyan and his successor Gunaweera Cinkaiariyan of the Jaffna kingdom. The temple has the longest corridor among all Hindu temples in India. The temple is located in Rameswaram considered a holy pilgrimage site for Shaivites, Vaishnavites and Smarthas. The presiding deity, the Lingam of Ramanathaswamy, is believed to have been established and worshiped by Rama.

Elite Itinerary Rameshwaram Villoondi Theertham

Villoondi Tirtham Is Famed for being one of the 64 theerthas. Thrayambakeshvarar, a revered Shiva shrine, is located here. The presence of a fresh water spring situated inside the sea makes this place all the more special. Legend has it that during the time of the Ramayana, after rescuing his wife Sita from Ravana, Rama came to Rameswaram and performed rituals and installed the Shiva linga. After completing their tasks, when they were returning, Sita said she was thirsty and Rama took his arrow and shot it into the sea and a spring emerged. Incidentally, ‘villoondi’ means ‘the place pierced by arrow’ and ‘Theertham’ means sacred water in Tamil.

Elite Itinerary Rameshwaram Ramar Padam

Ramar patham is an important tourist place in Rameswaram. Ramar patham is also spelled as Gandhamadhana Parvatham. It is believed that, from this place rama oversee sri lanka in the legendary of Ramayanam. Ramar patham has the footprint of Lord Rama and is a sacred place for Hindus. one can get the full view of Rameswaram and a good view of dhanushkodi.

Elite Itinerary Rameshwaram Kothandaramaswamy Temple

Kothandaramaswamy Temple at Rameswaram, is a shrine dedicated to the Hindu deity Rama. Located at a distance of 13 kilometres from Rameswaram. The temple is the only historical structure to survive the 1964 cyclone that washed away Dhanushkodi. The temple has the deities of Rama, Lakshmana, Sita, Hanuman and Vibhishana. The temple is surrounded by sea and remains a tourist attraction. 

Elite Itinerary Rameshwaram Dr Abdul Kalam Samadhi

Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam, better known as A. P. J. Abdul Kalam who was the 11th president of India. Kalam was born and brought up in Rameswaram and became a scientist and worked for DRDO and ISRO. After his sudden demise at Shillong on 27th July 2015, he was laid to rest at Pei Karumbu, Rameswaram on 30th July 2015. A memorial has been built at the burial site. Inside, the memorial, one can see the selected photos, paintings and miniature models of misssiles etc.,. The memorial is less than 1 km from Rameswaram.

Elite Itinerary Rameshwaram Panchmukhi Hanuman Temple

Panchamukhi Hanuman Temple, the five-faced Hanuman Temple, is situated at a distance of 2 km from Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. It is said that Lord had revealed his five faces here, hence the idol of Hanuman is depicted with five faces which are of Lord Hanuman in the middle along with faces of Lord Narasimha, Lord Adivaraha, Lord Garuda and Lord Hayagriva on the sides. The statue has been covered with senthooram by saints. In 1964, after the cyclone in Dhanuskhodi, the idols of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita was brought to this temple and placed here.

Elite Itinerary RAmeshwaram Lakshmana Theertham

Lakshmana Theertham, Rameswaram. It is believed that Lord Lakshman (the brother of lord Ram) installed a Shiva Linga and worship the Lord Shiva for vanishing his sins and took bath in this theertham. During Thaipusam festival, there is a floating car procession of Ramanathaswamy inside the Lakshmana Theertha pond.

Elite Itinerary Rameshwaram Sethu Madhava Theertham

Sethu Madhava theertham is located in the complex of the Ramanatha Swamy Temple in Rameswaram. this temple houses a very charming white marble Deity of Lord Sethu Madhava and is one among the Pancha Madhava Kshetras of Bharatavarsha, the other four being Bindu Madhava in Varanasi, Kunthi Madhava in Kakinada, Sundar Madhava in Trivandrum and Veni Madhava in Prayag. Lord Vishnu had ordained that any one who takes a bath in the Sethu Madhava theertham and worships Him, would be blessed with all the merits of a holy bath in the Sethu (Rama Sethu) and those who perform pujas in front of His Deity with sand from Dhanushkodi would acquire all the merits of a Kashi Yatra.

Elite Itinerary Rameshwaram Pamban Bridge

Pamban Bridge is a railway bridge which connects the town of Mandapam in mainland India with Pamban Island, and Rameswaram. Opened on 24 February 1914, it was India’s first sea bridge, and was the longest sea bridge in India until the opening of the Bandra-Worli Sea Link in 2010. The rail bridge is, for the most part, a conventional bridge resting on concrete piers, but has a double-leaf bascule section midway, which can be raised to let ships and barges pass through. Until 1988, the Pamban bridge was the only surface transport that connected Tamil Nadu’s island of Rameswaram to the mainland. a road bridge was also constructed parallel to the rail bridge.

Elite Itinerary Rameshwaram Jada Theertham

Jada theertham is the place where Lord Rama and Lakshmana washed their hair (Jada) after killing Ravana. This was done as an act of purifying themselves and headed to worship lord Shiva from here. This water tank is surrounded by trees all around and is mentioned in the Ramayana as well. The other legend associated with this place is that this is supposed to be the place where the giant bird Jatayu passed away trying to save Sita after his wings were cut by Ravana. A temple close to this place is the Kaveri Theertham Temple that has a huge Peepal tree. The temple is small but has intricate carvings and detailed craftsmanship evidenced in the lattice work on the walls.

Elite Itinerary Rameswaram Agnitheertham

Agni Theertham is a sea located on the eastern side of rameshwaram. Legend has it Goddess Sita asked Lord Lakshman to light a fire and sat inside it to prove her purity. However, Lord Agni had to wash away his sin of touching Sita so he bathed in the sea and offered prayers to Lord Shiva and hence the place is called Agni Theertham. A bath in this sea is considered to absolve one of sins and devotees make a beeline for a dip. Apart from prayers offered in the form of rituals, this is also a place where reverence is paid to departed souls and where childless couples pray for a child. It is also said that if a pilgrim wants to bathe here, must first bathe in the Agni Theertham and then bathe in the temple tanks.

Elite Itinerary Rameshwaram Ram Setu

Rama Setu or Rama’s Bridge, also known as Adam’s Bridge, is a chain of limestone shoals, between Pamban Island, also known as Rameswaram Island, off the south-eastern coast of Tamil Nadu, India, and Mannar Island, off the north-western coast of Sri Lanka. Geological evidence suggests that this bridge is a former land connection between India and Sri Lanka. The bridge is 48 km long and separates the Gulf of Mannar from the Palk Strait. Some of the regions are dry and the sea in the area rarely exceeds 1 metre in depth, thus hindering navigation. It was reportedly passable on foot until 1480 temple records seem to say that Rama Setu was completely above sea level.

24 Tirthas of Rameswaram

Rameswaram Temple Tirthas are the holy wells situated inside the Rameswaram Temple. There are sixty-four Tīrthas (holy water bodies) in and around the island of Rameswaram. According to Skanda Purana, 24 Tirthas in Rameswaram are important and taking snan (bathing) in them are considered equivalent to penance. Twenty Two Tirthas are inside Ramanatha Swami Temple.

  1. Agni Theertham – It is located in the beach east of Ramanathaswamy Temple.
  2. Setu Theertham – It is located at Dhanushkodi.

Other 22 Tirthas inside temple are…

  1. Mahalakshmi Tirtha – according to the legend King Yudhisthira took bath here and became rich
  2. Savithri Tirtha – It is said that Kashyapa got rid of his curse after taking a holy dip in this theertham
  3. Gayathri Tirtha – According to the legend King Kasibar had got rid of his curse after taking bath in this Tirtha and
  4. Saraswathi Tirtha – King Kasibar got rid of his curse after the Gayatri Tirtha
  5. Sethu Madhava Tirtha – If one takes bath in this well it is believed that the persons will be blessed by Mahalakshmi and get purified of impure thoughts.
  6. Gandhamadana Tirtha – according to the stala purana if one takes bath in this well he will get rid of poverty.
  7. Kavacha Tirtha – this Tirtha helps one get rid of sins and will not go to hell.
  8. Gavaya Tirtha – According to the Purana’s bathing in this well will get shelter under Karpaga Virutcham or Kalpa Vriksha tree.
  9. Nala Theertham – the person who takes bath in this Tirtha will be blessed by Lord Surya and reach heaven.
  10. Neela Tirtha – According to the Skanda purana, taking bath in this well is equivalent to having performed various yagnas and will obtain Agni Yoga.
  11. Sanku Tirtha – It is believed that Sage Vatsanabha got rid of his sin of ingratitude by taking bath in this Tirtha.
  12. Chakkara Tirtha – According to the legend the Sun God had got his hand turned golden after bathing in this Tirtha.
  13. Brahmahathi Vimochana Tirtha – Bathing in this Tirtha will help to get rid of Brahma Hatya Dosha.
  14. Sooriya Tirtha – According to the puran’s bathing in this temple helps to obtain knowledge of the past present and the future.
  15. Chandra Tirtha – bathing in this Tirtha too helps to obtain knowledge of the past present and the future.
  16. Ganga Tirtha – According to the sthala puranam, Gananasuruthi Rajah attained wisdom after taking bath in this well.
  17. Yamuna Tirtha – Gananasuruthi Rajah attained wisdom.
  18. Gaya Tirtha – Ganana Shruti Rajah attained wisdom.
  19. Siva Tirtha – Completion of Bhaira Brahmahathi.
  20. Sada Mirtha Tirtha – According to the legend Emperor Bururoonu got rid of his curse after taking bath in this Tirtha.
  21. Sarva Tirtha – It is believed that Sutharishna got prospered after getting rid of his blindness (from birth) and illness after taking bath in this Tirtha.
  22. Kodi Theertham – According to the Skanda Purana, Lord Sree Krishna got rid of his sin of killing Kamsa here after taking bath in this Tirtham.

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FAQs About Rameshwaram

Rameshwaram Temple is renowned for being a part of one of the twelve Jyotirlingas (lingam of light) of Lord Shiva. The temple is also famous for the fact that it’s the southernmost ‘jyotirlinga’ of India which makes it one of the top religious places in India.

The Rameshwaram Temple is very famous dedicated to Lord Shiva where the Shiva is worshipped as JyotirLinga and it is one among the 12 JyotirLinga. Rama wanted to have the largest lingam to worship Shiva. Lord Rama instructed Lord Hanuman,in his army, to bring the lingam from Himalayas.

This makes Rameshwaram a destination which can be visited all year round. However, the best time to visit is from October to April. The Monsoons (July to September) are humid with average rainfalls, but, the scenic view of the coastal region during these months is enjoyable.

It’s not compulsory or must. over a year ago. over a year ago. It is a belief but optional since only a small fraction of devotees do so since all kunds are not together and hence moving around in the temple premises soaked in water is also not so convenient.

Yes. One day is sufficient to cover all the places in Rameswaram except spatika linga darshan for which one gas to stay overnight as such darshan is held at 4.30 to 6am daily in Ramanathaswamy temple.

A report from the Archaeological Survey of India found no evidence for the structure being man-made. The Archaeological Survey of India and the government of India informed the Supreme Court of India in a 2007 affidavit that there was no historical proof of the bridge being built by Rama.

You should wear vests and shirt or you can wear formals like cotton pants and shirts. Even you are wearing vest and briefs (or) saree you wont be allowed to enter into the main temple with wet dress. So better you carry a additional dress to change after “theertha snana”.

Temple Tanks
There are sixty-four Tīrthas (holy water bodies) in and around the island of Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu, India. According to Skānda Purāṇa, twenty-four of them are important. Bathing in these Tīrthas is a major aspect of the pilgrimage to Rameswaram and is considered equivalent to penance.

Dhanushkodi is an abandoned town at the south-eastern tip of Pamban Island of the state of Tamil Nadu in India. It is south-east of Pamban and is about 24 kilometres (15 mi) west of Talaimannar in Sri Lanka. The town was destroyed during the 1964 Rameswaram cyclone and remains uninhabited in the aftermath.

A chain of coral islands and sandy shoals twists across the strait between India’s Pamban Island and Sri Lanka’s Mannar Island. It’s called Adam’s Bridge, and as recently as 500 years ago, you could walk across it.

Ramanathaswamy Temple (Irāmanātasvāmi Kōyil) is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Shiva located on Rameswaram island in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. It is also one of the twelve Jyotirlinga temples. The temple has the longest corridor among all Hindu temples in India.

It is also one of the 275 Paadal Petra Sthalam temples and is glorified in hymns by the three of the most revered Nayanar saints (7th century Saivite saints), Appar, Sundarar and Thirugnana Sambandar. The temple in its current structure was built during the 12th century by Pandya Dynasty.

Ramanathaswamy Temple (Irāmanātasvāmi Kōyil) is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Shiva located on Rameswaram island in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. It is also one of the twelve Jyotirlinga temples.

A chain of coral islands and sandy shoals twists across the strait between India’s Pamban Island and Sri Lanka’s Mannar Island. It’s called Adam’s Bridge, and as recently as 500 years ago, you could walk across it. Until the 15th century, Sri Lanka was a peninsula, not an island.

In the Hindu epic Ramayana, Nala (Sanskrit: नल, IAST: nala, lit. lotus),the son of Vishwakarma is the vanara, who is credited as the engineer of the Rama Setu, a bridge across the ocean between Rameswaram (India) and Lanka, identified with modern-day Sri Lanka, so forces of the god Rama can pass over to Lanka.

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