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Dharmapuri Tourism

Dharmapuri District came into existence from 2nd October, 1965, consisting of Hosur, Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri and Harur Taluks. Subsequently, Dharmapuri District was again bifurcated into two districts viz., Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri on 09-02-2004 due to administrative reasons, more number of villages and vast area.


The region is believed to have been controlled by the Pallava dynasty in the 8th century. The Rashtrakutas took over in the 9th century. They were defeated by the Cholas in the 11th century, and subsequently the district came under the Chola sphere of governance. During the 18th century present day Dharmapuri district was part of the Kingdom of Mysore and was called Baramahal. As part of the Treaty Tipu Sultan agreed to give part of his territories including present-day Dharmapuri district to the British East India Company which was then merged into the Madras Presidency an administrative subdivision of British India. The Dharmapuri district was split into Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri districts in 2004. Many historical rock sculptures are found in this district. Modhur, a village near Dharmapuri has remains that date back to the Neolithic age. A government museum in Dharmapuri town displays some of these significant sculptures. The whole district is predominantly covered with forests. Spider Valley located near Hogenakkal is home to many wild animals. The district falls in the migratory path of elephants. Wild boars and spotted deer are commonly seen in Morappur and Harur forest region. Gaurs sometimes stroll near villages in the Bommidi region. Thoppur ghat has one of the area’s scenic highways surrounded by mountains and forests.

Sightseeing Points In Dharmapuri

Dharmapuri Tourism

Hogenakkal Falls is located in the Pennagaram taluk Dharmapuri district. Medicinal baths, boat rides, oil massage, fish and waterfalls in the hills make it a tourist attraction. Sometimes referred to as the “Niagara Falls of India,” Carbonatite rocks in this site are considered to be the oldest of their kind in South Asia and some of the oldest in the world. The Government of Tamil Nadu proposed converting the falls to providing drinking water for the state. The Kaveri river flows into the state through the district, and Hogenakkal, a town situated 46 km from Dharmapuri city is the site where the river drops as a scenic waterfall.

Dharmapuri Tourism

Vathalmalai or Vytla Hills is a hill station in Dharmapuri district. It is situated at an altitude of 1,418 m (4,652 ft) height above sea level. It is located 25 km from Dharmapuri city and the road has 26 hairpin bends to reach hill top. It covers an area measuring nearly 225 Square KM. The climate of the Vytla Hills has a moderate humid subtropical climate. Winters are fairly mild, beginning in December and ending in February. During winter, the hills are covered in mist. Winters range from 7–18 °C (45–64 °F), and summers from 15–28 °C (59–82 °F). Rainfall is 1,500–2,000 mm (59–79 in). Coffee bushes blossom in April. The climate is also particularly pleasant. Most of the native flora and fauna of Vytla have disappeared due to severe habitat fragmentation resulting from the

creation of the plantations. However, some species continue to survive and thrive in several protected areas nearby, including the Sheverayan Hills (Yercaud). These protected areas are known for several threatened and endemic species including, the Grizzled Giant Squirrel, the Nilgiri Wood-pigeon, the Gaur, wild Boar, the Spotted deer and the Neelakurinji (that blossoms only once every seven years).

Elite Itinerary Dharmapuri Hill Temple Theerthamalai

Theerthamalai is an important sacred place in Dharmapuri district. The Name Theerthamalai Means Hills With Holy Water. Theerthagirishwarar temple is located at the top of a hillock. The temple situated about one km up the steep slope of a hillock derives its name from the five springs in the temple. Lord Theertha Girishwara Lord Shiva Is The Worshipping Deity. This pilgrim and picnic centre became very popular with the public. According to the legend it was here that Lord Rama worshipped Lord Shiva to absolve himself of the sin of having killed several demons in the war against Ravana. Hence there is belief that a holy dip in the waters of this spring will wipe out the sins committed by the people. Theertha Girishwara was built in the 7th century and many

contributions were made by the Chola and Pandya Kings. Several Inscriptions can be found in the Theerthagirishwarar Temple, which says Chola emperors had regularly visited this temple including Rajendra Cholan. Poet Saint Arunagirinathar referred to the Temple of Theerthagiri Eswarar in his compositions. According to another legend, in order to worship to Lord Shiva, Rama sent Hanuman to fetch water from the River Ganga, but when Hanuman did not return at the appointed time for pooja, Rama unleashed an arrow onto the rocky slope of the hillock and water sprang forth, which today is called Rama Theertham. The tiny waterfall drops from a height of about 30 feet is perennial and during the summer as well as the rainy season the water falls on the bathing Ghat behind the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.

Dharmapuri Tourism

Adhiyamankottai Tourists visiting the site can see ruins of the roughly oval-shaped fort. Also close to this site is the Chenraya Perumal Temple, which is believed to have been constructed by King Krishnadevaraya as well as the Hoysala kings. The Mandapam within the temple leads to the sanctum sanctorum, where there are paintings depicting the scenes from the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. The Kalabhairava Temple is also located here.

Elite Itinerary Dharmapuri Kottai Kovil

Kottai Kovil, located on the Northern side of Dharmapuri, is the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is known among the tourists for its rare sculptures and paintings. One of the highlights of this temple is the ‘Hanging pillar’. As per the locale belief, a secret passage in this temple connects it to Adhiyamankottai. The place has some great religious significance as thousands of devotees come here to worship the deity. The Mallikarjun Eshwara temple in Dharmapuri district stands out for its architecture. The deity in this temple is considered to be very powerful, and one who seeks the blessings always gets his or her wish fulfilled by the deity. The deity here in this temple is Lord Shiva. There is a popular belief that this place was a part of the

Hindu mythology Ramayana. People from across the state and also from the other states come to view the powerful deity. Moreover, some pictures and sculptures that are carved in the temple premises give an exotic view to the entire place.

Elite Itinerary Dharmapuri Sri Hanuman (Anjaneya) Temple

Sri Hanuman (Anjaneya) Temple at Muthampatti is one of the places that should be worth visiting. The Famous Anjaneyar temple is located here. This temple is considered to be the most powerful temple in dharmapuri by the local people. Devotees from all over are frequent visitors to this temple. To reach this temple you have to travel till Nallampalli from Dharmapuri and from there about 4 Kms by walk. Most of them prefer to go by foot. You will definitely enjoy the visit as the road to it will be covered by mountains and rivers on both sides and if you are lucky you can see some wild animals. This temple was constructed in 1960 by the railway department. The swami (suyambu) will be in open air resembling the scenes of carrying sanjeevi.

Elite Itinerary Dharmapuri Mount Carmel Church

The Mount Carmel Church is one of the sacred places in the entire Dharmapuri district. The church is located in B.Pallipatti. The church has a tradition of its own and has a great contribution in the history of Tamil Nadu. The Church is considered as one of the most premier churches in the entire Tamil Nadu state and is also associated with the Vatican City. The architecture refers to the ancient Gothic structure but also has a reference to the Hindu temples. The Church is considered a place where people from across the religious community can come in order to pray to the Lord. The Church is very famous as the Grotto festival is conducted here. On the second Friday after Easter, the Grotto festival is celebrated by the Church authorities and people all across.

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FAQs About Dharmapuri

History. The earliest known chieftain who ruled Tagadur present Dharmapuri during the Sangam era is Adiyaman Neduman Anji, whose patronage sustained the famous poetess Avvaiyar. The next we hear in the 8th century when the northern parts of Salem District were probably under the Pallavas regime.

Hogenakkal Falls is often referred to as the ‘Niagara Falls of India’ owing to its might. … Apart from the Hogenakkal Falls, other places to visit in Dharmapuri include places of worship such as the Shri Theertha Girishwara Temple, the Kottai Kovil Temple, the Chenraya Perumal Temple and the Mount Carmel Church.

Popular Tourist Attractions and Places to Visit in Dharmapuri are Hogenakkal Falls. One of the most popular tourist attractions at Dharmapuri, the Hogenakkal Falls is often referred to as the Niagara of India. Theerthamalai Temple. Kottai Kovil. Adiyamankottai. Kaveri River. Chenraya Perumal Temple. Subramanya Siva Memorial.

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