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Yercaud Tourism

Yercaud is a hill station town in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It lies in the Shevaroy Hills, known for their orange groves, and coffee, fruit and spice plantations. Yercaud Lake has a boathouse, and is surrounded by gardens and woods. On the lake’s eastern shore, Anna Park has local plants and a Japanese garden with bonsai. To the southwest, Lady’s Seat vantage point has a watchtower with a telescope.


one of Europe’s Summer Mountain Resorts, was declared by the English government in 1862. Douglas Hamilton, a military officer, of Madras government explained that the arrival of Europeans, the mountain habitat of Yercaud, has grown into a summer habitat. Subsequently, in 1863, the English government issued 80 tourist attractions in the Sarvaraya mountain range. With this announcement, tourists from many countries of the world began to flock.

Winter starts in September and ends in January. In winter, the mountains are covered with mist. Temperatures range from 12 ° C to 24 ° C in winter and 16 ° C to 30 ° C in summer. The average rainfall is 1500-2000 mm.

Coffee plantations are the main source of income. The coffee planter was brought from Africa in 1820 by Mr MD Cockburn and planted on the Grange estate. Yala, star apple, fig, water apple, pear, banana, orange, guava, black pepper, cardamom etc. Sandalwood, Teak and Silver Oak are abundant.

The National Botanic Gardens are located in Yercaud. The total area is 18.4 hectares. The Botanic Gardens is home to over 3000 species of trees and 1800 species of plants. The park was set up in 1963. The insect eater pitcher is grown in the park. There are still hills and fauna in many parts of Yercaud.

Sightseeing Points In Yercaud

Yercaud Tourism

Killiyur Waterfalls is electrifying and spectacular cascade is in the neighborhood of Yercaud Lake and is at its finest when sojourned to after the monsoon months. The plentiful of water of the Yercaud Lake as well as the water from the Shevaroy Hills fall endlessly into the Killiyur valley from a mounting height of 300 ft and the breathtaking view from the top to the bottom is awe-striking and a pleasure to the eye and soul alike.

Yercaud Tourism

Lady’s seat is a rock in the form of a seat on the South West of Shevaroy hills that overlooks the ghat road and Salem town. The natives believe that a white English lady of earlier days used to squander her evenings watching the panoramic view from this rock. It is located at a distance of 2 km from Yercaud. From here you can see the city of Salem with a telescope. You can also see the Salem bungalow glowing from the mountain at night. If the weather is perfect, you can even see the Mettur Dam from here.

Yercaud Tourism

the bear’s cave is A must see for any tourist visiting Yercaud, The Bear’s cave is situated in a private coffee estate near the Norton Bungalow, which is on the way to the Servarayan temple. It was named the bear’s cave because beside this coffee estate bungalow, the caves were believed to house bears.Even though it is a private estate, the owner has been kind enough to open it for the visitors. The main area of the cave is seen to be about 7 feet below the ground level and the deeper gorge seen there is believed by the local community to be the path that leads up to the cave situated in the Servarayan temple.

Yercaud Tourism

Emerald Lake Is The most alluring aspect of Yercaud is its big yet natural lake very popularly known as the Emerald Lake. Surrounded by some wonderful cloud-peaked hills and a well persevered garden on its banks, this lake is a feast for the eyes. There is a floating fountain in the lake and boating facilities are available at a reasonable rate. Self-driven as well as rowing boats can be chosen according to your comfort and interests.

Yercaud Tourism

Pagoda Point Is Located in the eastern part of the Yercaud Hills, It is a beautiful viewpoint where one can enjoy the panoramic view of the entire town of Salem as well as the neighbouring village of Karakambadi. The twists and turns of the 21 hairpin bends of Yercaud can be seen from this spot as they envelop themselves around the hills. The mysterious piles of stones arranged in the form of a pyramid resembling a Pagoda give the location its unique name. These stones are believed to be placed here by local tribes. Between the Pagodas here lies a temple devoted to Lord Rama. 

Yercaud Tourism

Shevaroy Hills Perched at a height of 1620 meters are a popular tourist spot. Boasting of magnificent views of lush green meadows, towering trees, dense woods and mighty hills, the hills were formerly known as Servarayan Hills which later got anglicized to ‘Shevaroy’. Spread over 400 sq. km of area with both plateaus and hills, Shevaroy Hills are also home to the highest peak and vantage point in the southern part of the Eastern Ghats which is called Solaikaradu peak. the area is known for its sprawling coffee plantations and estates which draw a lot of tourists to the area. Besides, there is also an old sanatorium and Yercaud Orchidarium of the Botanical Survey of India.

Yercaud Tourism

Botanical Garden is the wondrous flora, with various species of plants. it is a must visit point, the orchid garden and the green house in the Botanical garden. Yercaud is the place where the famous Kurinji flower blooms only once in twelve years. The National Orchidarium which is located 2 km from the Emerald Lake has a wide variety of orchids which includes 30 orchid species that are exclusively found here. Many endangered species of orchids are persevered in this orchidarium which is ranked the third largest of all the orchidarium in India.

Elite Itinerary Yercaud Tipperary View Point

Tipperary Viewpoint Situated at the Southernmost end of Yercaud, It can be reached by taking the Tippery Road en route which one is likely to come across some breathtaking views. Elephant Tooth Rocks, which are said to be the remains of some meteorites. Though all the surrounding hills are made up of black granite, this rock is pure white in colour. The adventure lovers also list down this place as one of their favourites for carrying out treks and other adventurous activities. Trekking, however, is one of the major activities that are organised in this area which offers all the adventure lovers an opportunity to feel the adrenaline rush in their bodies.

Elite Itinerary Yercaud Annamalaiyar Temple View Point

Annamalaiyar Temple View Point One of the best attractions in Yercaud hills, the Annamalaiyar Temple is an exquisite Shiva Temple with a single tower that is shaped with coloured idols. At the height of 1400 m above the sea level, the temple viewpoint offers a scenic view of all the hills surrounding the Servarayan Temple along with coffee plantations, orange groves, and spice gardens. The temple is a very simple and beautiful structure comprising of small and moderate towers that are adorned with idols and painted in a variety of colours. This beautiful place is definitely worth paying a visit with family and friends.

Elite Itinerary Yercaud Anna Park

Anna Park Is Another important place To visit, which is located near the lake. This park has a collection of the natural species of plants and trees seen around Shevaroy hills. Flower shows are conducted in this park during summer months. There is a spine-tingling Japanese garden inside this park in where everything is grown and constructed in Japanese style. Children can enjoy playing in the garden. It is a well maintained garden and is worth a visit.

Elite Itinerary Yercaud Karadiyur View Point

Karadiyur Viewpoint is a vertical cliff which offers an exquisite view of the Mettur Dam and the valley and is also is an amazing picnic spot. Situated in the Karadiyur Village, the viewpoint lies at a distance of 12 km from the town of Yercaud. This region got its name due to the presence of a large number of sloth bears in the past, that are not present here now.

Elite Itinerary Yercaud Shevaroy Temple

Shevaroy Temple is situated on highest point of the flat-topped Shevaroy hills and is mainly dedicated to Lord Shevaroyan. The temple is built out of a narrow inky black cave which is complete and airtight. The idols of Lord Shevaroyan and Goddess Kaveri are placed inside it. The native tribes come in hundreds and celebrate their annual festival in the premises of this temple during the month of May every year. The panorama from the Shevaroy temple area is marvelous with several mountains around Shevaroy and the plains spreading in between the hills.

Elite Itinerary Yercaud Silk Farm

Silk Farm Is An interesting place to visit in Yercaud. It is located very near to the Lady’s seat. Visiting the silk farm is sure to be a memorable and cognizant experience for youngsters. In the silk farm one can see how the silkworms are reared, how they are fed on mulberry leaves and how the cocoons are used for spinning the silk threads. The life cycle of silk worm and methods of spinning silk can be understood by visiting this place.

Elite Itinerary Yercaud Sri Chakra Mahameru Temple

Sri Chakra Mahameru Temple Devotees believe that if you worship the Devi with Sri Chakra, it is equal to worshipping the ultimate force. The serene and vibrant ambience of the temple attracts many tourists every year. The main sanctum is made up of white marble along with paved pathways and consists of a semicircular pit which when filled with water shows the reflection of the Sri Chakra Maha Meru forming the vimanam of the sanctum. Devotees believe that when they throw a coin in this pit and wish for something, the wish comes true. Goddess Lalitha Tripurasundari, who is the prime deity here.

Elite Itinerary Yercaud Raja Rajeswari Temple

Rajarajeshwari Temple Is One of the major attractions for visitors in Yercaud, This Temple is dedicated to Rajarajeshwari who is said to be the Goddess of all Gods. It is believed that one can achieve success and wealth by offering to devote oneself to the Goddess whole-heartedly. Situated in an ideal surrounding on the way to the Servarayan temple, was Founded by HH Swami Poornananda Giri and constructed in 1983, the temple is now guarded by his son V Sri. The huge idol of Sri Raja Rajeshwari can be spotted in a sitting posture which is 4.5 feet tall and is surrounded by a surfeit of Gods.

Elite Itinerary Yercaud Deer Park

Deer Park is a beautiful urban park in Yercaud that is surrounded by the beautiful Emerald Lake. Other than deer, you can also spot beautiful peacocks, guinea pigs, pigeons, rabbits, ducks and other creatures here. Some of these animals have been caged and are displayed to the public. In addition to that, there are several swings in the garden area for the kids to enjoy themselves while you are out there relaxing and rejuvenating. You can also try boating in the lake, adjacent to it, which is a major attraction at the place.

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FAQs About Yercaud

Set amidst natural surroundings, the hill station is also home to natural oils and herbs. The most popular items for shopping in Yercaud include coffee powder, natural oils and perfumes. The Yercaud is famous for its food – an array of dishes, both South Indian and non vegetarian delicacies. 

The best time for tourists to visit Yercaud is from October to June, when the weather is conducive and pleasant enough to enjoy outdoor and sightseeing activities and the average temperature ranges between 14°C and 25°C. During the summer season, from March to June, average temperature ranges between 16°C and 30°C.

Absolutely Yercaud is worth visiting. If You Have Your Time Of Leisure For Relaxing Or Enjoying Nature Trekking Around In Loneliness,  Then You Have Reached The Right Spot.

Hosur – Krishnagiri – Dharmapuri – Salem – Yercaud) . It will take approx 5 hrs to drive. One day trip is sufficient from Bangalore. Start early morning reach yercaud around 9 am , spend the whole day and start from yercaud around 4pm.

Places to visit in Yercaud includes Yercaud Lake, Loop Road, Pagoda Point, Bears Cave, Pagoda Point , Silk Farm, and Rose Garden, Kottachedu Teak Forest, Kiliyur waterfall many more that attracts tourists from all the regions as they exhibit a magical charm.

Textiles from Yercaud – If you are looking for authentic fabrics of a wide variety, you have come to the right place.
Spices from Yercaud – There are many spice plantations in Yercaud, So Buy Spice From Farm Directly.
Yercaud Coffee Powder – Buy Home Grown Yercaud Coffee From Farm Directly.

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